A fitness community programme for veterans, military and emergency services personnel.

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Each community member must:

Be a veteran, or serving/retired military or emergency services personnel.

Not have been a member of a CrossFit gym for at least the last 12 months and not currently have access to a fully serviced gym on a camp or base/station that offers group classes/sessions.

Commit to CrossFit classes at least twice a week, at a local, REORG approved training facility of choice and embrace the inclusive nature of our community.
Provide regular feedback to coaches and bounce ideas with community members after each training session and throughout the entirety of the program. Push yourself to learn new training methods and share insights with your team-mates.

Accept that if they’re unable to meet the REORG 60 training requirements, REORG have the right to withdraw a community member from the programme.

Be personally onboarded by Tricia, our Director of Fitness who will provide support and an opportunity to ask questions. From then on, each community member will be expected to fill in a weekly form to track progress.
Ready to give CrossFit a go? Use training to blow off steam and get stronger, fitter and more agile, all the while showing respect, both towards oneself and other community members. Together, we can achieve our goals and shape a future with purpose.


REORG 60 is a 60-day, fully-funded CrossFit programme designed to support the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of veterans, military and emergency services personnel.

With unlimited access to a REORG approved training facility of choice, our members combine CrossFit with community to learn new skills and reinvigorate a sense of camaraderie and purpose. Our goal is to provide safe and supportive training environments, 100% financially backed. 60 days of commitment is what it takes to form a new, healthy habit; a journey no doubt made possible when surrounded by like-minded individuals routing for the same cause.

Athlete enrollment closed until Jan 2024!


Upon successful graduation of REORG 60, each community member will be invited to partake in REORG 360, a year-long upgrade programme of ongoing CrossFit training and community support. This is available by invite only.
Director Of Fitness

Tricia Sinclair

Meet Your POC

Tricia’s 14-year experience of serving in the British Army combined with her passion for CrossFit makes her the perfect person to lead fitness programs for REORG. Being a longtime member of our community herself, Tricia understands first hand the pressures of the job whilst balancing the expectations of civilian life. Tricia is on a mission to get REORG community members into the best functional fitness gyms in the UK and beyond, so that together, we can create an open and welcoming community that thrives off life-changing, positive habits.


Wondering what it’s really like being part of the REORG 60 community? Check out our members, telling it exactly as it is…


CrossFit open days, fundraisers, workshops, exclusive events, it all goes on at REORG and we can’t wait to see you there.



Our very own Fitness Director, Tricia Sinclair completed a 250 km ultra marathon to Mount Kilimanjaro. Fundraising still open.


REORG is offering a series of BJJ Seminars with some of the best U.K. Black Belts at Strive Fest, Snowdonia

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Join us at WIT London to raise awareness for REORG.

“They do amazing things for veterans ”

REORG helped support me with a grant to reach the CrossFit Games. They do amazing things for veterans and I’m proud to be a part of it