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By Dr Marc Barton, chief instructor at Kingston Jiu Jitsu After more than a year of disruptions, we are finally daring to hope that jiu-jitsu life will get back to normal soon. But with so much time away from the mats, there are many pitfalls to avoid as you start training again. Before leaving the medical profession to teach jiu-jitsu full time, I was a doctor working in the Accident and Emergency department of a busy London hospital. It was an incredibly stressful job, and involved, as you can imagine, a lot of harrowing scenes. While many of my colleagues...

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By Lawrence from Rolls and Rehab, injury rehabilitation therapist and mobility specialist Injury prevention is a commonly used term to describe the goal of training with the purpose to prevent injury in sport and daily life. It is worthwhile to understand what we must be aware of and adhere to when it comes to injury prevention, and principles that can guide our decision making when approaching our training. There’s a well-known saying: ‘Prevention is better than a cure’.  The reality that we have to adhere to is risk management. To think we can prevent injury is naive. The only way...

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