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By Lawrence from Rolls and Rehab, injury rehabilitation therapist and mobility specialist Being strong is a great advantage in jiu-jitsu, but is traditional strength training the best way to shore up your game? It is important to consider the limitations of certain exercises and whether they will help you achieve what you want. Strength training plays a very necessary role in sports performance and mitigating risk of injury. With traditional strength training exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press etc, the idea is simple: with consistent input and progressive overload, we are able to lift more weight. How do we know...

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For a lot of people, tackling ocean waves in a small rowing boat for six weeks is the stuff of nightmares. For four Royal Marines – two serving, two Veterans – it was the chance to do what they do best: work as a team and get through it, no matter how tough the task may be. Two injured former Marines, Juniour Mcilhiney and Will Schweppe, joined serving Marines David Bruce and Samuel Edwards on a 3,000-mile unsupported row from Gran Canaria to Barbados. They escaped the UK before they the lockdown and arrived at the end of January after...

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By Mo Morris, Royal Marines Mental Health and Resilience Lead I remember when I stopped doing jiu-jitsu because I wanted to focus on playing rugby.  I wanted to start training again, but as the days ticked past I found myself making excuses as to why I could not do jiu-jitsu – I had a game coming up, or I was too busy.  When I look back at it, I did not want to feel embarrassed and be beaten by people when I thought  I was better than them.  It’s crazy really, considering I had been taught resilience and had a...

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