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Sam's Story

Sam Sheriff MBE served as a Royal Marines Commando for 22 years before retiring after a full career to devote his time to REORG Jiu Jitsu.

Sam first discovered Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) in 2004 during his Royal Marines Close Combat Instructors Course.

He worked up through the ranks and became the first student to go from white to black belt whilst serving in the Royal Marines.

He established BJJ as a Corps sport, becoming the most popular sport in the Royal Marines, with a club and competitive team in each Commando unit.

Sam became the lead instructor for Close Combat in the Royal Marines and was invited to teach by external agencies.

Whilst serving he founded the REORG Charity under the umbrella of the Royal Marines Charity.

REORG very quickly gathered incredible momentum and soon became globally recognised for helping wounded veterans and service personnel by introducing them to BJJ as a means of therapy.

In 2019 Sam’s efforts were recognised when he was announced in the New Year Honours list and awarded an MBE by HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

Mark’s Story

Mark Ormrod MBE served for ten years as a Royal Marines Commando before his career was cut short when he stood on and detonated an improvised explosive device halfway through a tour of Afghanistan on Christmas Eve 2007.

The injuries Mark sustained resulted in him becoming the UK’s first triple amputee to survive the conflict.

Mark had been a keen martial artist from a young age and thought his training days were over before he met C/Sgt Sam Sheriff MBE, who offered him the opportunity to train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Mark had never tried the discipline before, but after one session he was hooked. As well as being great fun, BJJ can be adapted to suit the fighter, and Mark realised that a return to martial arts was a possibility he thought had gone forever.

Just over two years into his journey, Mark earned his blue belt and has been spreading the word about BJJ ever since.

Mark understood that not only can BJJ be modified for people suffering physical injuries, but it also has a profoundly positive psychological effect on people who were dealing with poor mental health.

When we asked his ultimate goal in jiu-jitsu, Mark said: “To one day earn my black belt through hard work and discipline, not pity.”

"My nutrition is better than its ever been, my spirit is fulfilled and my soul is replenished. I'll speak plainly when I say I no longer want to kill myself, I want to live life and do Jiu Jitsu every damn day until I can't anymore"

Royal Marines Veteran

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